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The First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara offered,on  Sunday, Nov. 24th, 2013, food and non-food supplies to Marabadiassa populations. Like in the previous stages, the wife of the Head of State marked her solidarity and support to the people of this locality. She, therefore, offered food mainly consisting of oil; cartons of tomatoes; bags of rice and 50 kg bags of pasta to her fellow citizens. In addition, the generous donor also provided non-food supplies consisting mainly of agricultural equipment; games for the kindergartens and equipment for the health center, namely grinders, , Shellers, motor pumps and other equipment which were donated to women. The Kindergartens received turnstiles; swings and toboggans. The health center has received prenatal consultation incentive kits, baskets and wheelchairs. The value of these donations: 10 million FCFA.
Mrs. Patricia Yao Sylvie, Chief of Staff and representative of the First Lady clearly underlined the meaning of these gifts. In fact, she said she has been mandated by the presidential couple to make these donations in preparation for the state visit in GBEKE. The emissary of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara took the opportunity to announce the arrival of the presidential couple, on Monday, November 25th, 2013 in Bouaké in the framework of the state visit. She invited people to give a warm welcome to the Head of State and his wife. Mrs. Patricia Yao Sylvie then revealed the high regards the First Lady has for Sidy Raymond Touré, Chief of Staff for President Alassane Ouattara, and son of Marabadiassa.
Ahmed Touré, President of the Regional Council of Marabadiassa, meanwhile, thanked Mrs. Dominique Ouattara for these many gifts. He said that this is the second time the wife of the Head of State demonstrates her solidarity through donations, to the people of the locality. "What you have given is symbolic. Because what the President of the Republic and First Lady have for Marabadiassa is greater than Côte d'Ivoire, "he supported.
Mrs. Anne Yobouet Marabadiassa Women’s spokesperson expressed the joy of the happy recipients of the gifts offered by Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, and therefore thanked Mrs. Dominique Ouattara for these gifts.
In addition, Mrs. Patricia Yao Sylvie, representing the First Lady gave 600,000 F CFA to the populations. In return, the latter offered her gifts to express their gratitude.
Head of Communications, Office of the First Lady

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